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Gay Sex Story- The School Jock Lavell

It was 8:00 in the morning and i really didn't want to roll out of bed. But i heard again tell me to get up. "GREG IF I HAVE TO COME UP THOSE STAIRS I AM GONNA BE PISSED! NOW GET THE HELL UP AND READY FOR THE FIRST DAY BACK". I turn over to face my closet and immediately start running images of my clothes through my head, but couldn't remember a single one that would at least help me get more noticed this year. "IM UP MOM I JUST HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR ILL BE RIGHT DOWN".

Hi my name is Gregory Dale and I'm a 16yr old Sophomore attending Beaker High. I'm about 5'10 or so and i have a really good looking body that's coming into its 6 pack. Not from sports or anything but I think its from my dad. Anyway I hop out of bed dreading the school year. I live in a 3 bedroom house with my mom. My older sister went away to college and my dad... well lets not get into that right now. Soon as you step into my room you first notice the dark shade of blue on the wall. Followed up posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Patteson.

Twilight wasn't even a movie i was all jumpy about i just like how cute the guys are. Other than that I have a desk with a laptop in the corner of the room and my closet on the other side. Tv in the corner of the door and my bed right in the middle. Oh yea and Im gay but I cannot stress how deep in the closet I am. No one knows. Except my best friend Spud. Her real name is Ellie but we all call her Spud because at 3 all she wanted to eat was potatoes lol. "BREAKFEAST IS ON THE TABLE COME EAT AND GET TO SCHOOL LOVE YOU". (door opens and shuts) I walk down stairs after scurrying through the closet and finding a polo shirt and some navy blue jeans before jumping in the shower.

I never saw it but Spud said the shirt brought out the color of my eyes, which are like a darkish green but it changes depending on the seasons. I also have short cut wavy black hair. I walk into the kitchen and see the bowl of frosted flakes my mom left on the table. Shes always working as a single parent so we never have time to sit down to a normal meal. Our fridge and garbage is filled with takeout food. Sad right? I hope it changes some day but who knows. (ding dong) I know its Spud at the door she always has this presence around her when I just know its her. "Hey fool what you doing and what you got to eat".

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Gay Sex Story- A Buddy

Carl, a buddy, that I blow every week or so gave me a call Sunday morning

telling me to get over there and blow him... and that he might have a buddy

for me to work on. Then I was a little disappointed because before I even

left the house he called that he had to cancel. But he's cool so I knew it

wasn't intentional. He said Monday night would work though and that he'd

give me a call and let me know if his buddy could make it.

So Monday I finished up at work and headed downtown for my karate lesson,

on the way Carl gave me a call to confirm that we were still on. Karate

went fine then I rushed back out of town to my buddy Carl's place, cursing

about highway department and it's penchant for doing road work at the worst

fucking times.

Anyway, I got to Carl's place and run up the four flights of stairs and

knocked on the door. He answered in his standard t-shirt and underwear. He

invited me in and then ushered me into the living room and over to the

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Dripping Wet Starring: Anderson Lovell, Max Carter

Anderson Lovell's shower time turns into dripping wet sex time when Max Carter invites himself to join. When Max's bulge starts to grow under his wet briefs Anderson takes his cue to go down on the young muscled blonde. Max sits down in the roomy shower and Anderson sits his tight young ass down on Max's raging hard-on. Max then gets into the hard fucking mode and goes to town on Anderson's tender hole. There are few things more enjoyable than watching two smooth boys slap wet skin. Starring: Anderson Lovell, Max Carter


Ross' First Time Remembered

Kyle Ross tells the story about his first time fucking a boy who happened to be his straight buddy. During a sleepover, Kyle slips his hand down to Tanner Sharp's cock. When Kyle notices his friend's growing bulge he moves things to the next level and proceeds to suck his first juicy, big cock. At Tanner's parents house the boys try to be quiet while experimenting with gay ass fucking. Kyle sticks his young twink boner into his bud's virgin hole and a horny blonde sex twink is born. Starring: Kyle Ross, Tanner Sharp


Intimate Details - Evan Parker,Colby Klein

Evan Parker, the notable puppy dog top, introduces Helix twink newcomer Colby Klein in a steamy on-camera hookup. Colby discusses his affinity for cocksucking and doesn't disappoint as he eagerly services Evan's jock cock. Then, in position after position, Evan puts his stiff stud sausage to work between Colby's tight young buns. These two tantalizing twinks really get to know each in this spunk spectacular.


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Bed Buddies - Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross

In this scene, two kings of cute kickback pre-poke to get to know each other a little better and do they ever? Connecting over compliments and exploratory touch, the young dudes find just how much they have in common. From the high school wrestling team and locker room lust to Logan's first scene and a shared love for the stage, the boys bonding boners build until they are ready to rock.

Foreplay begins with heaving breaths & heavy petting. Bumping and grinding leads to Logan pawing at Blake's tattooed torso until finally escalating into a steamy dick & ass eating contest before the main event drilling display. And don't miss the tail end, as it is especially juicey.

As any avid twink fanatic will tell you, there are two things that Helix Studios leading lad Blake Mitchell is known for: his nine inch uncut netherod and his sharp hipster specs. So, when everyone's favorite lickable little bro, Logan Cross appears on screen with his own set of indie eyewear, it's truly the irresistible force meeting the adorable object.

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Morning Glory - Cooper Steel,Aiden Garcia

Nothing beats waking up in the early morning hours to sweet sunshine like golden boy Cooper Steel. When Aiden Garcia has this very distinct pleasure, that luscious little breakfast booty really gets his rooster crowing. A hungry & growing boy, Aiden starts the day off with a morning rim then puts his raw, uncut, nine inch long King Kong ding dong to work in this jaw-dropping grand slam breakfast bare-boning. Afterall, the best part of waking up is Cooper on your cock. Dick tested, Aiden approved.

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Group Share - Blake Mitchell,Brad Chase,Grayson Lange

Total top bro next door Blake Mitchell along with blue eyed angel-face fuckboy Brad Chase join adorable new teen on the scene Grayson Lange in his threeway initiation. This gang of smooth & chiseled cherubs undress to impress and dicks are devoured and their impeccable asses are eaten. As an innocent conversation quickly turns into an afternoon eruption of youthful ecstasy.

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Jake Bass Satisfies Bobby Long In World Class Fuck

Since Jake Bass did his fantastic first solo we've been enthusiastically anticipating what Jake could do with another warm body to play with. Bobby Long eagerly volunteered to be Jake's mentor and guide through his first duo scene.

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Pierre Fitch's Home Movies

Skyler Chase is quite a cute guy, and he was very excited to finally work with Pierre! Skyler is also passionate about music so Pierre thought it was really hot when he learned he was going to be fucking another DJ. Skyler didn't waste any time when the two guys started taking off all their clothes. He practically inhaled Pierre's thick cock while Pierre filmed getting sucked with his hand-held camera. Pierre then flipped Skyler over and fucked him really hard. Skyler loved it so much that when asked if he'd like to get fucked again by Pierre, he flashed a big smile and said, "Sure!"

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Lukas Jensen and Dominic Couture: Sleep Over

Lukas Jensen hasn't had much of opportunity to explore his sexuality since coming out recently. He's had a few dates but didn't really get a chance to do it all. When his friend Dominic Couture comes over to watch a movie, Lukas hopes he'll get a chance when Dominic accepts his invitation to stay the night.

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Getting To Know Liev Ivankov

Liev Ivankov grew up in a small town in the north of Quebec so he speaks just like a French Canadian boy. But with his fair hair and Eastern European facial features he doesn't look like one. That's because Liev was born in Russia and came to Canada when he was just two years old. So, although he has adapted completely to life in Canada, he's always felt just a little bit out of place.

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Hunter & Jo

After we shot a solo with Hunter Sykes, we were really excited to get him into a duo scene. But with who?! Hunter has a bit of the "bad boy" in him and, if he's going to bottom, he likes is top to be masculine and a dominant. So it occurred to us that he might harmonize well with Jo Diamond. But before we had a chance to propose the idea to him, Hunter sent us a text message late one night: "I'm with a guy the club tonight that's really hot and he said he'd like to do a scene with me." He sent us a picture of the guy he was with and can you believe it? It was Jo Diamond.

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